22 April 2024

Cathedral-inspired exhibition coming to Fisherton Mill

We all know we are home when we can spot the Cathedral in the distance; many of us have played the game, ‘I can see the Cathedral’ as kids.

As one of Salisbury’s most defining landmarks, that first glimpse of Salisbury Cathedral’s spire from the surrounding landscape is often the first sign that you are approaching the city.

‘S P i R E’ is a collection of mixed media plein-air drawings, begun in January 2022 and documenting that ‘first glimpse’ from 32 compass points, as far as possible beyond the city.

These vantage points allowed Nick to capture Salisbury’s stunning wider landscapes.

Each drawing has a written narrative of things experienced while the drawing was being made, such as wildlife, birdsong, sounds, and weather, across the different seasons.

Nick Andrew SPiRE from North-North-West at Fisherton Farm Allotments

Nick’s usual studio practice is as a landscape painter, but he also undertakes plein-air drawing projects in both rural and urban environments.

Fisherton Mill was host to Nick’s successful 2021 exhibition ‘A Gap in the Market’, which documented 18 months in the life of the historic Salisbury Charter market through a series of 35 mixed media drawings.

Nick describes ‘SPiRE’ as: “…a wonderful excuse to explore the beautiful and varied landscapes around Salisbury, guided by the 32 points of the compass.

These drawings from downland, wooded ridges, hill forts, farmland and ancient sites discover views of the SPiRE so distant that it appears no bigger than a thorn glinting in the sunlight.

Take in the South-Southeast view from the National Trust grounds of Phipps House in Dinton, nine miles away, or the view from windswept Figsbury Ring, five miles to the Northeast. Closer views, with hints of urban surroundings, include North-Northwest at Fisherton Farm allotments, just a mile and a half away”.

Meet the Artist – Nick will be drawing at the Gallery every Saturday during
Exhibition opening hours.

Free admission
Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 9.30 am-5 pm; Saturday, 9.30 am-5.30 pm
For more information, email admin@fishertonmill.co.uk or visit www.fishertonmill.co.uk

Written by
Andy Munns
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Written by Andy Munns