28 May 2024

Casualties at Salisbury Hospital are in a “stable condition” after train crash

A major incident was declared last night after two trains collided at Fisherton Tunnel near London Road, Salisbury.

Injuries were reported to be minor with the British Transport Police describing them as ‘walking wounded’. One of the drivers was also taken to hospital.

There were no fatalities, however, Salisbury District Hospital has confirmed that 13 people were treated at the hospital.

Four casualties were admitted, One patient was discharged and three remain as inpatients are reportedly in a stable condition.

Stacey Hunter CEO at Salisbury Foundation Trust said, “I would like to thank all our colleagues who responded to this incident in a calm, professional and compassionate manner.  We are all relieved that the outcome of the accident hasn’t been more severe“.

Written by
Beth Doherty
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Written by Beth Doherty