15 June 2024

Brunton Media’s Salisbury Showcase returns

The local video marketing agency is back with a new series to shine a light on Salisbury businesses.

Salisbury film-maker, Carlton Brunton, launched his fourth showcase series celebrating local and independent businesses today (28th March 2022) with the first episode going live this morning.

Going forward, episodes will be released every Monday until the series end. Following the final episode, the video strategist will release a traditional final film that summarises the 2022 series.

Carlton told Love Salisbury, “The series was initially a pipe dream, it was just this concept of hey it’s a good thing to do, it was the start of the pandemic, I want to help people, I want to try and showcase what Salisbury has to offer to the wider community and now it’s kind of become a right of passage.

“The point of the showcase for me is a community-based project and I set a couple of episodes ahead but then I deliberately try and don’t book anyone because I want it to be community-led. I try and encourage people to tag businesses, reach out to me about businesses that have just opened, or they feel have maybe not got as much exposure as they deserve.

“For me, it’s about showcasing the hidden gems, showcasing people who are maybe just starting out and need some help with promotion. But also, to give the Salisbury Community more to discover.”

“I feel like every year it’s expected that the showcase will return in some form. I try to make it different and up the ante, whether that’s more episodes or technically more challenging to curate or a larger amount of people involved.

“I’m always open to feedback, and I want to hear about other businesses and other things happening in the city that I can personally help support because the city has given me so much. I wouldn’t have a business here if the city didn’t give me an opportunity or a chance to actually thrive, I wouldn’t be able to be in the position I am in today.”

The filmmaker was careful not to disclose the businesses involved so to keep the magic alive.

He added, “The reason why is because the whole point of the series is that it’s meant to be unknown and even the businesses themselves don’t see the episode until it’s live. That’s really important because it’s about the discovery factor of what’s in Salisbury, that’s the attraction of the series as a whole.”

This year Carlton is hoping to improve upon last year’s count of 12 episodes with a total closer to 15.

The films are being made, on a not-for-profit basis and people can view the Showcase 2022 and 2021 films by visiting Brunton Media’s YouTube channel or other social media channels.

By Adele Bouchard.

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Written by Beth Doherty