15 June 2024

Brown Street to become a pop-up vaccination centre

On Wednesday 25th August, between 9am-11am, Brown Street will host a pop-up vaccination centre to encourage young people to get their COVID-19 jab.

Owner of Brown Street, Amanda Newbery said: “All of our staff are nearly double vaccinated and we really believe that getting the vaccine is the way forward in moving back into normality. If we can do our bit we will.

“We hope that people are more comfortable coming to a venue like ours to have the vaccine as it’s a place they would normally come to. It’s a place where people have fun, so we hope this will make them feel more relaxed“.

Fiona Hyett, Director of the Salisbury City Hall Vaccination Centre said:

“We are keen to make getting a COVID-19 vaccine as easy as possible. To that end, we wanted to add additional capacity by taking the clinic to alternative venues in the city, especially venues that have an existing clientele that may not access the usual NHS channels for information. The Chapel Nightclub and its new Brown Street venue have been incredibly supportive.

“First Salisbury had the Cathedral vaccination centre and now we have The Chapel.

“As we begin to get life back to normal it’s important that everyone has the opportunity to be vaccinated. Working together as a community we can safely return to doing the things we love. With comprehensive vaccine coverage, we can safely start to dance, party, socialise and enjoy ourselves again”.

To book your Covid-19 vaccination session at Brown Street click here.

Photography by Spencer Mulholland.

Written by
Beth Doherty
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Written by Beth Doherty