30 May 2024

Billy the puppet scares passersby in Salisbury

Sightings of something scary have been reported in the Cross Keys shopping centre today…

According to eyewitnesses, Billy, a mechanical ventriloquist puppet from the film franchise Saw has been spotted spooking shoppers.

Billy has come to Salisbury to communicate with his test subjects. His recorded messages tell the tales of frightening festivities at Live Escape, Salisbury…

Become a paranormal investigator
Join Spire Spooks Paranormal to explore Live Escape Salisbury’s 14th-century building at Salisbury’s Cross Keys Shopping Centre.

Many buildings in the city are said to be haunted. But ghost hunters are always surprised when they witness the level of activity here.

Dragging noises, ghostly figures at windows, and plates smashing in the kitchen – just some of the activity Spire Spooks have witnessed here.

This is an opportunity for exclusive OVERNIGHT access to experience first-hand what happens on the scariest night of the year. Use the latest investigation equipment: REM Pods, EMF Meters, SLS Cameras. Experience table tipping & talk to the spirits via table and glass.

Prize for scariest Halloween costume. There will also be tarot readings, a horror quiz, and refreshments.

Stay overnight if you dare…

Tickets cost £60 with £10 from your booking goes to the Salisbury Stars Appeal. Book here.

Head on down to Live Escapes at Cross Keys Shopping Centre on Saturday morning (30th October 2021) for your chance to snap a selfie with Billy.

Written by
Beth Doherty
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Written by Beth Doherty