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Find out more about us and our team below

The team at Salisbury Radio are returning local radio to the city and the wider Wiltshire and Hampshire area.

We are building this new website as we progress to give people who live, work and play in and around Salisbury a single place for current and accurate local information, entertainment and a way to share their love for our amazing city.

Based on the foundations of The Spirit of Salisbury, across digital radio, online and a raft of social media platforms, we are building up to support all that’s great about Salisbury and the immediate area beyond.

We are passionate about supporting our local businesses.  We know things have been really hard for everyone recently, which is why our business model is based on a genuine love and passion for ensuring we accurately, efficiently and creatively represent all the great people and organisations whose livelihoods rely on supplying to our local area.

As our plans unfold, there will be increasing and exciting ways to get exposure to our growing audience on the radio, online, on social media and soon – in print.

We love Salisbury and we hope you will come on this amazing journey ahead with us.

Love Salisbury Radio


We love working with some of the most amazing businesses from across our area.   From the biggest names in the area to the smallest and newest businesses.  Our advertising and marketing team will create packages that work for you.


Passionate & Committed

Real people, real voices – all talking really passionately about our beautiful city.  The people below are either on the radio or work in the background to make the mighty wheels of The Spirit of Salisbury turn.

  • Weekdays 2pm - 7pm

    On the radio practically every day and happily causing cheeky chaos in the offices.

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    Craig Hicks
    Station Manager
  • Okay, we now this isn't photo of Debbie. Well spotted.

    But, it will be, as soon as she's taken a photo she's happy with!

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    Debbie Edwards
    Head of Sales and Marketing
  • You caught us out. We now this isn't Karli either.

    But, as soon as she's taken a photo she's happy with, we'll upload it here.

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    Karli Hart
    Radio Sales Manager
  • Sundays 12pm - 4pm

    He says he's the boss. We just let him think that.

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    David Harber
    Managing Director
  • Weekdays 7am - 10am

    I started as a Tech Op at Spire FM.

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    Matt Rogers
    Breakfast Show Host
  • Dave Woollatt

    Dave is one of the most incredible people you'll ever meet.

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    Dave Woollatt
    Exceptionally talented broadcaster
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