14 July 2024

John Glen retains Salisbury seat for Conservative Party

John Glen has been re-elected as Salisbury’s MP with a much-reduced majority in the General Election.

Labour and Liberal Democrats made large gains, but their split vote allowed Mr Glen to retain his seat.

It was Labour who made the biggest gains of the two chasing candidates, adding 8.42% to their vote.

Reform UK also made inroads into the Conservative vote, picking up 5235 votes through Mr Malins finishing fourth in the pole.

Green Party candidate Barney Norris finished fifth, collecting 2115 votes.

The margin of victory for John Glen was slashed from over 19,700 to a little over 3,700.

After his victory was declared, John Glen MP told Salisbury Radio, “I knew it was going to be a tough election.

I’ve fought it hard. I’ve done my 612,000 steps around Salisbury several times.

I’m absolutely thrilled to be reelected with a clear margin over the next candidate. But look, I understand people are very, very annoyed in my party.

They want a change. They’ve got to change. And I will do my best to represent Salisbury in those circumstances.”

Listen to the full interview here:

The full results are below:

LabourMatt Aldridge13303
Liberal DemocratVictoria Charleston11825
ConservativeJohn Glen17110
Climate PartyChris Harwood127
Reform UKJulian Malins5235
GreenBarney Norris2115
IndependentArthur Pendragon458

Meanwhile, Danny Kruger (Conservative) won the newly created East Wiltshire seat.

Full result below:

True & Fair PartyPete Force-Jones278
GreenEmily Herbert1844
Liberal DemocratDavid Kinnaird8204
ConservativeDanny Kruger16849
LabourRob Newman12132
Reform UKStephen Talbot7885

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Andy Munns
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Written by Andy Munns